Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grocery Tote

Are you tired of having all those plastic bags that you accumulate from the grocery store, from the drug store, from Target, from every where? Then it's time to make your own bags!  Lots of grocery store now are selling reusable bags, for a couple of dollars but in my opinion they are cheap and if you wash them a couple of times they will fall apart.  So take leftover fabric and whip up a couple of these and you'll never have plastic bags coming out of the cupboards.   I am making a couple of these for Christmas presents this year and love them so much, I'm going to have to make some for myself.

I saw Dana's tutorial over at MADE  and fell in love with the simplicity of the bag. She used plastic bags, but I had tons of old jeans, so I used fabric.  Dana also does a fabulous tutorial (much more in depth than mine!).

The first thing you want to do is decide how big you want to make your bag. I like bigger bags, so I decided to do 16"x16".  

  1. Cut out 2 squares the size you want, this will be the front & back.  I also decided to line my bag, if you want it lined, cut out 2 squares the same size in the lining fabric.  
  2. Cut out 3 squares 16"x5" for the sides & bottom.  (cut 3 for lining)
  3. Cut 2 strips 22"x2" for the straps (cut 2 for lining).
4.  If you want to applique the front of your bag do it before you stitch everything together. 
5. Sew each of the squares together to make your bag and lining. 
6. I liked the exposed seam look of the serger, but you can sew seams on the inside or outside.
7 . Sew your lining to the bag, I surged off the top, keeping with the exposed seam look.

8. Sew your strap & strap lining together.  To  reinforce the handles fold about 4" in half in the middle, then stitch. 
9. Sew your handles onto your bag. 
10. Trim off all the excess threads and your done! 

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