Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spelling Bags

So I finally finished the cute spelling bags for my nephew.  It only took about a week for me to stitch them up! I knew the project would take time,  but I misjudge the amount of tedious work involved.  Cutting letters out by hand is not fun, and I am thinking I now need to buy a Cricut so I never have to cut out letters again! 

Needless to say I only worked on a couple of bags a day. My nephew is only 2 1/2, so I'm sure he'll throw most of them now, but I'm excited to work with him and help him learn his ABC's.  I got the idea from Chez beeper bebe. She has such cute projects on her blog.  I used rice for a filling instead of beans, only because that's what I had the most of around the house. 

Here are my scraps of fabric all cut out.

 And here is a final look.
 You can spell fun words with them. 
 I used denim on the front with felt letters. For the bag I used scraps from mens' dress shirts 
and fabric scraps my grandmother had. 

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