Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colette Spring Palette Challenge

I decided to participate in the Colette Spring Challenge, a 10 week challenge for creating a mini seasonal wardrobe based around your favorite color palette for Sring 2011!

The idea is very simple. I have chosen an inspiring palette for Spring, then sew a tiny wardrobe based on that palette. The challenge will be 10 weeks long (now through the end of March). Here's the challenge:
  • Week One: Define your challenge. Gather inspiration, make inspiration boards, review fabric choices, pick your palette, and decide how many garments you’d like to sew from the palette.
  • Week Two: Plan your projects. Choose your patterns, sketch out your ideas, and make a plan.
  • Weeks Three through Ten: Sew! Make your mini Spring wardrobe, and share your progress with everyone else.
I am about a week behind as I just discovered this challenge today, so I have been working on my inspiration board plus my projects all today!

So here is my main color palette:

And my accent colors:
Trying to find images online for me was hard, because I get most of my inspiration from what I see in magazines or stores, so this took the most time for me to gather the images. 
Sources: Water color Painting ;New Look Pattern 6969;totally forgot where this top is from. whoops;Banana Republic Top; Photo Shoot From Vogue Asia Minor ;Still From Mad Men; image from The Sweet Occasion; Simplicity Cynthia Rowley Pattern 2443; Vintage Wallpaper

I have decided to make two dresses, 2 skirts, 2 blouses:
1. Shift dress simliar to Joanie green dress above
2. Knit dress from Cynthia Rowley pattern 2443
3. Grey lace pencil skirt
4. Tulip skirt, New Look 6969
5. Shirt, McCalls M5661 (I already have this cut out from the other week)
6. Pull over similar to the Banana Republic shirt above. 

I am pretty sure I can get all of this sewn in 10 weeks, well now 8 weeks. Now I just need to go get some fabric, yay shopping time!

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