Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raising money for Roller Derby

Last year I did a party for the local Roller Derby team; the Derby City Roller Girls as a fundraiser and donated a portion of the party sales to the team. If you have not heard of Roller Derby or been to a match, you are missing out and need to get on that ASAP! The Roller Derby game involves two teams skating around an oval track trying to knock each other down and passes the opposing team.  I will be honest, I don't know all the rules and am not really sure on how you score, but the matches are a blast to watch.  The sport is mainly women, although there are some teams that have male members (haha, I am such a 14 year old boy sometimes). The girls take Derby names which are usually a play on words with an illusion to pop culture or sexual pun, some of the names crack me up. For example, some of the DCRG are: Carrie A Glock, Felicia Slay, Little Rage of Sunshine, and Jimi Hittrix.

We were able to raise almost $500 and we had so much fun, we did it again this year.

Tonight was our party and we had about 25 team members and their friends showed up to learn about foreplay, tricks, and toys! Some of the girls had never been to a party and were very wide eyed at various points during the night but told me later the party was not what they expected and they had a blast.

When ordering was done, we had raised almost $300 for the team, and orders are still coming in! Hopefully we'll be able to surpass what we raised last year.  If you would like to place an order and have the DCRG get credit, just send me an email ( and put "DCRG Party" in the subject line. 

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  1. Yay! Thank you again, Nicole, for supporting Derby City Roller Girls! If my math is right, we bought $1200 worth of toys. I hope it was good for you, too! ;)

    -Jailbreak Jenny