Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring into a new relationship

Yesterday was a powerful day in nature: within a 24 hour period we had a super moon, new moon, full moon and the spring equinox!  Did you feel tons of great energy as you went about your day?

Since we are officially in spring I thought I would share some tips on spring cleaning for your love life! If you've noticed that things are as peppy as they used to be, or it's been months since you and your partner have gone out on a date or had a conversation that didn't involve, bills, kids, or  family, then it's time to kick those winter blues out of your relationship.

By doing just a few simple things, you can strengthen your relationship and bring you and your partner closer. 

1. Set up time to spend together - We more often than not, make plans to pick up the dry cleaning, go to the doctor, run errands, have lunch with girlfriends etc... But how often do we set up date night with our sweetie? Take this time to make plans over the next couple of months to go out on a date! Arrange for a babysitter and pick at least one night a month for you and your partner to be together.  You don't even have to go anywhere, stay at home and cook a nice dinner, play a game, have a converstation; but don't talk about bills, or the kids.  Talk about your dreams, current events, the arts....all that stuff you used to talk about

 2. Accept the repulsions you have towards your love - Once upon a time those repulsions caused you to fall in love with your partner, they weren't an annoyance  but a curiosity.  Have the courage to accept and get over all those little things that you may nag on.  Not everyone is perfect and accepting the "imperfections" in your partner will help blossom your relationship.  

3.Communicate - If there is something that has been bothering you that your partner did, tell them! Don't hold it in only to grow and fester and emerge as anger towards your partner.  Sit down and have a  mature conversation about what your partner did and how that made your feel.  Your partner might not have even realized they did something to upset you, but you communicating this to your partner will make them more aware so it won't happen again. 

4. Make out like you were in high school - Remember those long make out sessions with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It was so exciting sitting on the couch or even in the car kissing and rubbing each others bodies.  If the passion has taken the back burner, rekindle that spark with some heavy petting sessions with no expectations of sex. 

5. Accept your imperfections - Ask your partner if there is anything you can do to make their life better, or if there is something you do that annoys them.  They will appreciate your humility and honest evaluation of yourself.  Don't get upset at what your partner might tell you and be willing to change your habits. 

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