Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bringing a little vintage to the bedroom

About a year in a half ago I was talking to my parents about making a new headboard and they told me there was an antique bed frame in their garage.  It had been there since we moved into the house (which was in December of 1994), up on some shelf.

Why this was never told to me, I'm not sure, but down the frame came and I feel in love with it.  By best guess it looks to be at least from the 1940's.  It needs to be sanded, the varnish has globbed up.  Being the lazy person I am, the bed frame sat in my parents garage for a year, until tonight. 

I am on a decorating kick this week, so dad brought over the bed frame and I put it together all excited to have a piece of history in my  bedroom.  I haven't sanded the frame yet, that will probably take another year...well at least six months!

After I put the frame together and tried to put my box spring on it, I discovered mattress doesn't fit.  Well shoot! Seriously!?
The mattress & box spring are about an inch too narrow and 6 inches too short and kept falling down.  Well I wasn't going to let a little problem like narrow mattresses stop me from keeping this bad boy up.  I was not going to take it all apart so until I can get some slabs to put underneath, I put the mattresses on the floor in the middle of the frame; they fit so nicely.   Sadie decided to hop on top and sniff it out for me. 
After putting all my sheets and pillows back on the bed, I got out one of my  grandmothers quilts and I think it looks perfect with the frame! Isn't this such a gorgeous quilt! She was a little better at quilting than I am, but hopefully one day I'll be able to make a quilt like this. Sadie doesn't care if the mattresses are on the floor or bed frame, she was just glad to have a comfy bed to sit on.
In digging out grandmas quilt, I organized my sheets & blankets and discovered someone like floral printed vintage sheets!


  1. I SOOO remember the green, orange, pink and yellow flowered sheet. Back in the day, we would use old sheet for beach blankets and/or picnic blankets and this is one of the patterns that we had. Thanks for sending me down memory lane!

  2. I love that sheet Missy! There need to be more sheet patterns like that. :)