Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From coffee sack to lampshade

My favorite coffee shop, Sunergos, started selling the coffee sacks leftover from their coffee beans.  Sunergos roasts their own beans and I hear the coffee is amazing, I am a tea drinking so I will take everyone's word.  However, the idea of using the coffee sacks appealed to me.  I had been thinking of what I could use them for and originially had pillows in mind. But after purchasing a couple and feleling them, I decided the would not make nice pillow cases. Not until I can figure out a way to soften them, a lot. 
I have this lamp that was my grandparents, and some random lampshade on it.  I don't remember what their lampshade was, but for sure not the one I had on it.  So I had a vision of burlap lampshade!  I love those moments when you decide what you want and how it's going to look. 
I got my pins and tried to pin the burlap to the lampshade but it wasn't working, so I stitched and pleated as I went.  It was looking fabulous and then disaster!
I knocked the lampshade onto the floor and it shattered. I'm sorry Papa Dick & Nana Jane for breaking your lampshade.  So now I have a lampshade and no lamp. 
Guess I am on a hunt for a new lamp at a thrift shop next time I head out or maybe I'll just sell this one. Anyone want to buy it? :)