Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's a refashion kinda weekend!

The heat in KY has been beyond hot, so the best thing to do is stay inside.  So the other day I went through my closet and make piles of stuff to take to Goodwill, stuff to sell, and stuff to refashion.  And then I made myself start to refashion that pile which never seems to get smaller.  I made this darling outfit today that screams fun & summer!

I had this dress I bought from a consignment store last year for about $3 with the intention to refashion it.
This top was bought within the past 4 years at a thrift shop and it goes into the "I love this shirt" to "I can't stand to wear it" phases about 3 times a year. 
The too small dress became a skirt and I cut the sleeves shorter on the shirt.  And voile! My adorable outfit.


  1. Dibs on looking thru the stuff you plan on Goodwill-ing!

  2. Oh no, you don't want it. It was the sweaters & knit shirts that were gross & pilly. I do have some stuff you can look through. What size shoe are you?