Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coming back from MIA

I have been MIA this month because I have been out of town for most of it and have completely neglected my blog.  But I am back and have lost of stuff to share!

Most recently I returned from  Pure Romance National Training last weekend in Cincinnati.  Every August several thousand consultants gather to learn how to improve their business and get motivated to rock out for the end of the year. 

I love training because it always gets the girls on my team motivated and helps them in ways that I never could.  It also means I get to see my close friends and network with brilliant business women. We also release lots of new products and this month we released over 30!!!!

Training always ends with the new consultants attending a seminar from Brian Brio.  If you haven't heard Brian talk, you are missing out.  He is absolutely amazing and can make your laugh and cry at the same time. When he comes to talk to us he talks about breaking through what is holding you back in life; whether it be mental or physical. He leads you through this inspriational, motivaltional, emotional seminar and at the end hands you a one inch board that you have to break in half.

Of course almost everyone doubts their ability to break through this board, but in  the end everyone does it.  Picture 2,000 in a room, in 100 different circles, cheering on 1,000 women in breaking their boards.   Everyone is clapping, yelling names, crying, and "Highway to the Danger Zone" is blasting on high.  You can't help but get emotional. 

As a Pure Romance Board of Directors, I get to hold the boards for the new consultants as they break it and it is such an honor.  I love holding the board for my new team members and seeing the look of shock, relief, and joy when their hand goes soaring through the boards: they realize they are unstoppable. It's hard not to get emotional when you watch someone go through several emotions first starting with fear and ending with joy as they break a piece of wood.

Here are some pictures of the board breaking experience.  Can't wait to do it again next year!!!


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