Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why I love consignment shopping

While millions of Americans stood in line for hours to get into the malls and stores early this past Friday, I slept in and went consignment shopping with a friend.  I have shopped at consignment shopping for years; doing so helps me live up to my philosophy of reducing and reusing when you can. Consignment shopping is also great because you can get some good quality items for a great price and it's not what everyone else is wearing.   Last year I decided not to buy any new clothes from a store and only sewed or bought second hand.  And while it was great and cut down the money I spent on clothes, by the end of the year, I really needed new clothes.  I love t-shirts and cardigans and I have a hard time finding good quality ones second hand.   Now, I buy a mix of new, handmade, and second hand and that's doing me just fine!

My friend took me to a store I hadn't been to yet, and it's my new fav! I walked out with three new blazers for under $45! Two Ann Taylor Loft and one Banana Republic and I just can't decide which one I love the most.
One of the Ann Taylor Loft blazers.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 
I love the olive tweed and the covered buttons.  

My new Banana Republic blazer.  I wish you could feel how soft this wool is. I'm not a fan of the boob pockets, but you can hardly see them.  
My other new Ann Taylor Loft jacket.  You can hardly see the whales, but this is a corduroy.   

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