Friday, February 10, 2012

Week of alterations

If I haven't told you, I decided to go back to school this semester after a 3 year hiatus.  I am enrolled in a graduate public history program and although I love it, it's an adjustment finding time for everything which includes sewing.

This week, I have decided to concentrate on that never ending pile of things that need to be taken in.  This pile has grown in the past couple of months as I have somehow lost weight which means my clothes aren't looking hot.  I started with one of my favorite dresses, a sheath dress surprise! I bought this dress from H&M years ago, when H&M still made semi-decent quality clothes.  It used to fit like a glove and I looked pretty hot in it, lately it's looking like a potato sack.  So I just took in the sides.

I turned the dress inside out, tried it on and marked a couple of places with pins on where it needed to be adjusted.  Then laid it on the iron board, make sure everything was even stitched.  I did have to undo the hem at the bottom before taking it in. I didn't want a bulky hem, so once the sides were adjusted I re-hemmed it.  

This Ann Taylor Loft dress I bought at my favorite thrift store for only $5 a couple of weeks ago.  It fit perfect except it was a little long, so I took off 1 1/2" and perfect! I love the waist detailing. 

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