Sunday, March 18, 2012

And they are off!

A week ago, I started seedlings for a whopping 72 plants and within a few days my cherry tomato plants had sprouted.  It makes me a little too happy when I see my seeds have sprouted, it's a small feeling of accomplishment.  Even though those little seedlings have a long way to go before fruiting those delicious little round drops of joy, when they sprout you know they are on their way.  

As soon as my seeds sprout, I take them out of the oven and put them under the grow light.  I do not rely on window light to produce healthy seedlings, I've had much more success putting them under grow lights.  they are not as leggy and have a greater chance of making it to a full plant size.  

How do you start your seedling? 

I also used some tires I collected last year as planters for some squash and beans.  I only have a limited amount of space in the back yard, so I need to maximize my planting.  The is the first time I've used tires so this will be a fun experiment to see how well the plants grow.

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