Sunday, March 11, 2012

New seeds for the garden!

For the past few weeks, the weather here has been hitting 75 degrees, so I decided to plant some cool weather veggies outside and finally got around to starting seedlings indoors.  So of course since I planted seeds outside we are going to get a snowstorm and the city will shut down for a week!! HA!

I went to my favorite local organic garden supply store and bought some soil and planted away.  72 seedlings in all!!  I've got cherry tomatoes, Mr. Stripy tomatoes, Sweet Italian Peppers, Asian Eggplant, Red Tail lettuce, and Kholrabi.  I don't think I forgot anything.  In the garden I planted spinach, beets, kholrabi, lettuce, and carrots.  I tried carrots last year and they got to be about 3 inches long. I just decided to throw the seeds in the garden and let nature take its course.  I also planted peas, brussel sprouts and kale.

I have two friends that want to garden with me in the community plot this year, so I am hoping that between the  three of us we will have a kick ass garden with lots of yummies.

Have you started your spring garden yet?  

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