Friday, October 25, 2013

New laptop case

I have been  busy shopping, cutting, and sewing away new laptop and ipad cases to post in my Etsy store.  I'm super excited about some of the men's jackets I've found to use for the covers.  I think they add such a modern, yet funky twist.  I'm using new interfacing and padding and it's been a pickle trying to get everything right.  I just hate having to rip seams out and do everything over, and then rip seams out and do everything over.  Not frustrating at all!  The corner of this one is messed up, for whatever reason I was having a hard time sewing in a straight line.  This one will be my personal case, so I didn't worry to much about it.

I put the pocket on the inside of this case, perfect for pens or cords.

I still need to add a string to wrap around the buttons to keep it closed.  I'm not sure what color to use yet.

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