Sunday, February 16, 2014

The wonderful world of tea

I am a sort of tea enthusiast.  Not so much a fan of coffee, but I can throw down tea. i am more of a fan of black and green tea not so much a fan of fruity/floral teas. I am still trying to work out the exact difference between Earl Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast teas. But they are all yummy! I can't justify buying tea from places like Starbucks, well I can't justify starbucks to begin with, but that's another story.

When I go out to eat with my parents I mortify my mom when I bring my tea and honey out of my bag.

There is one place here in Alexandria I will buy there tea.  It is this yummy blend of I am not even sure.  Lol!  But they never sell it loose, so I am on the hunt to find it elsewhere.

My friend lives in Pittsburgh and there's this really awesome tea shop.  When I visit it's a stop fer sure; when you walk in you are lost in a world of delish smells. They sell this yummy chocolate mata with actual pieces of chocolate!.

I recently discovered green tea with matcha and brown rice.  It has a medium nutty flavor.  I found it at a Korean grocery in the area.  And it's so fun to look at!

making tea at home is not only fun, but economically important. $1.95 for a cup of tea everyday starts to add up. I'll stick to my $0.35 per cup thank you very much. that

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