Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Farewell present for a friend

The viewing screen on my camera is cracked, making it almost impossible to take nice pictures.  It wouldn't be so back if there was a window to actually see what I was shooting (like in cameras that require film), but there's not. So, I have been taking about 20 pictures of items, hoping at least one turns out.  And that worked for about a day, and last night I cried because my pictures looked like a three year old took them. 
Which means, until I get a new camera, I will be posting pictures of some items I made in the past couple of months, but didn't share with you.  I shouldn't even tell you that since you haven't seen it, you'll think it's all brand new material and I've just been a  busy little bee! :) 
Any suggestions on good cameras go buy are welcome!

Today, I am sharing an apron I made for a friend that moved to Denver a couple of months ago.  While it was sad to see her leave, I understood and supported her move completley. Ursa was my homemaker buddy; we shared a passion for making as much homemade stuff as possible and Ursa is always in the kitchen.  So when she announced she was leaving I knew that as a going away present I'd make her an apron. To make her think of home whenever she wore it, I made it a Louisville theme. 

I had an apron I never wore, so I just cut that up and used it as a pattern, and used scrap fabric I inherited from my grandmother.   This was my first attempt at an apron, and I must say I am pretty proud of it. 


  1. Very cute my dear!

  2. i remember these, lol

  3. Nicole, this apron occupies a proud spot in my kitchen. Not only do I love it for what it is but it's one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. I miss you! I hope you can visit again soon.