Sunday, February 6, 2011

Collette Spring Pattern challenge

It's  been a busy couple of days for me, I've had 4 parties in 3 days.  Which is normal for me this time of year.  I took today off because of the Super Bowl; normally I would have a party on Sunday as well.  The sales this week were awesome, over $2400! Which means I've paid my rent and them some, these are the weeks I like.  Last night there were over 20 girls at the party, all in their early 20's in college.  I love doing parties for the young girls because they are sometimes so shocked by what they see in the catalog.  I do give them the award for most participation, almost everyone brought something to snack on and they just kept walking in bring food, it was a blast!

Today I will start working on my first pattern in the Colette Spring Palette Challenge and  I will be starting with a  blouse from McCalls (5661).  You might remember a few weeks ago, I listed this blouse a new project for the new year.  Well, when I decided to participate in the challenge and picked my palette, I realized the  color of the blouse fit in with my color palette; so it was added to my challenge.  That's not really cheating is it?

I will be making the blue design on the bottom right, but will be making some adjustments.  the neckline will be a bit lower and I'm not sure what I will be doing with the sleeve yet, I haven't decided if I like how they are gathered at the bottom. 

What are you sewing on now?

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