Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day on a Budget

I heard on the radio the other day the average man will spend $280 on Valentine's Day, if your wallet is a little thin these days and you are freaking out about what to do for your partner, no worries, I have ideas.

1. Think about what the two of you like to do together.  Do you like hiking? Go to the theater? Stay at home and watch movies? Showing love is about spending time together, what better day to to that on than Valentine's Day!

2. Cook dinner together.  Plan out your partners favorite meal and enjoy chopping, dicing, and sauteing together while some soft romantic music plays.

3. Do the chore your partner hates. If your partner is in charge of doing dishes, do the dishes for them. You should probably do this more than once a year, but it's a great way to show someone you are sensitive to what they dislike.  

5. Take a bubble bath together. 

6. Give each other hot oil massages.  

7. Dress up like cupid.  

8. Write a love letter.  You can even fold it into that little origami box like we did in 7th grade when we passed notes. 

If you are feeling crafty here are some of my favorite Valentine Crafts from fellow bloggers. 

Back in 7th grade I received my first mix tape and I loved it! Nothing says I love you more than making a nice melody of sweet love songs.  I've only ever received a mix CD from one boyfriend and I still have several that he made me.  Make a Mix CD Design Kit from Chronicle Books   
Baked Treat Bags from Twig & Thistle.   These are just too cute and you could even use this same idea to print on the bags for any special occasion. 
Sewn Paper Valentine by The Purl Bee.

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