Thursday, March 24, 2011

My bi monthly trip to India

India is on my top 3 list of places to visit.  I am in love with the food, culture, traditional dress, everything! I do a lot of Indian cooking and recently fell in love with the Aarti Paarti show on the Food network. She was the winner of their show, the next food tv start, or something like that.  Here is her blog if you haven't heard of her:  She is from India living in L.A. now and combines Indian and American cooking, has the bubbliest personality and is totally adorable. 

Anyway, there is a Indian grocery here in town that I visit  several times a month to stock up on samosas, rice, and an array of Indian spices.  It's so much cheaper buying them there than at other grocery stores.  Today I picked up a bag of basmatti rice from Pakistan and fell in love with the bag.  It's not a plastic bag, but cloth, with a handle!
I'd seen these before, but not at Patel Brothers and I'm thinking about some pillow cases, or a quilt.  What do you think I could make with it?
I also picked up some other items I was low on, including Milo which I am totally addicted too! There was a new tea in the beverage aisle, Chai Gold Saffron Tea.  It's an instant tea that kinda reminds me of those powered flavor drinks that come in tin cans, I am totally having a brain fart on the name.  Anyway, I just made some and it doesn't taste much like saffron, but has a creamy taste.   It's good, but I'm not in love with it, I might just stick to Milo.

That bag in the lower right hand corner is chick pea flour. I plan on making some spicy chick pea balls with it, they are so good, kinda like little biscuits.  I'll keep you posted on when I make those!

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