Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let it Grow!

A couple of weeks ago I started lots of seeds inside so as soon as Mother Nature decides to stop dropping to 30 degrees, I can plant them outside! I am super excited because they are growing and growing!
I started a set before this one and they did not grow and Sadie (my crazy dog) kept eating the containers.  So I did more research and realized they might not be staying hot enough, so I put them on top of the stove.  I have a gas stove, so the top has constant heat with the pilot lights.  And so far it's been working! We've had some nice days and some rain, so I put them outside for a bit.  In all this loveliness I have Kholrabi, Purple Calabash tomatoes, Bush Beans, Squash (which apparently does like me, as it has not sprouted yet), and Principe Borghese cherry tomatoes.

I have some other goodness starting to grow, but what I am really excited about is my lemongrass.  I put a stalk of lemongrass in some water, seriously about 4 months ago. And nothing happened, and nothing happened, and nothing happened.  So I gave up on it, but was too lazy to move it from my window.  And this morning I noticed it grew at the top, which was a pleasant surprise.  I pulled it out of the water and there are roots!!!  I have a renewed hope for my lemongrass and now cannot wait to put it in some dirt so I can have fresh lemongrass.
My other delishness includes dill and several times of basil which are sprouting nicely, however my basil in the read container is starting to look a little limp, any suggestions on what I can do to save it?

I also started two containers of lettuce, Romaine & Red Leaf.  The Romaine is starting to grow nicely, the Red Leaf, not so much so.  It sprouts, then it gets to about two inches high and dies.  I  threw some more seeds in there in the hopes these won't die, and they are sprouting.  I just have to keep them alive. 
It has been raining for about two days and my seeds outside are loving it! The beets, spinach, and snap peas have sprouted and are looking good! The kale and brussel sprout seedlings I planted are about twice the size as 3 weeks ago, which is extremely exciting for me.   I will get pictures of those as soon as it stops raining. 

How is your garden coming along?

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