Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Song

I wasn't sure of what song to post this week as I am still rocking the songs from the past few weeks, so I decided to promote local Louisville hip hop.  Last night I went to a CD release party for Scanners, a duo of Naceirema & Dr. Gonzo, Naceirema provides the lyrics while Gonzo engineers the sounds.

I was first introduced to Nacerima a little over a year in a half ago, and immediately liked him and his music.  He doesn't rhyme about bitches & hos (well maybe just a little), but most of his lyrics are meaningful, and his voice smooth.  Not to mention he is just an all around swell guy.

Damien McPherson of LEO Weekly said after the first Scanners album,

"Nacirema has been making records locally for a few years, slowly building a following for his abstract rhymes, clear voice and obvious love for the culture. Indiana’s Dr. Gonzo provides a bed of classic true-school boom rap, spiced with samples both well-known and obscure, all with the overlying concept lifted from the horror movie of the same name. Eighteen tracks including three instrumentals come together for one of the more enjoyable efforts of the year. Unexpected excellence." 

Here is the video from the single Fade Machine, from the first album.  You can dance in your seat, go ahead. 

Because I know you want more of Nacirema, you can download his albums on Reverbnation.   I'm off to party with Lacy & Tiffany while jamming to some Scanners in the car.

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