Sunday, April 24, 2011

News from the Garden

It finally stopped raining long enough for me to take some pictures from the garden.  Some seeds have finally started to sprout! As leaves from the trees start to grow, I realized I probably didn't pick the best spot for my garden, so have decided to do the tomatoes & squash in containers and keep everything else in the garden and keep my fingers crossed!  I am so impatient, I want everything to be edible now! And I keep looking at spaces in my back trying to figure out what I can grow there and won't get destroyed by dogs or random people walking down the back alley. 

But we do have some life! The kale is growing and I plan on harvesting some of it soon! Some plants are bigger than others, haven't figured out why. Maybe it has something to do with the sun.  Or I just have dwarf kale plants. 

The kohlrabi is growing! I just started some more seeds in doors the other day, and will start more in a couple of weeks.
My peas are coming slowly, but surely.  This isn't the best picture.  I have some more I started inside I am going to transplant to a container so they can get some more sun. 
The carrots finally sprouted the other day, I am wondering if the downpour of rain has helped. I might try some more in a container. 
And my beets are growing.  Well, one beet has taken off, the rest are a little slow.  When I planted them, I could have sworn, I planted two boxes of beets, but I have four boxes with sprouts that look the same, two of those boxes are supposed to be spinach, so we'll see what happens in a couple of weeks.
And my brussel sprouts are growing, but something is eating the leaves an I can't figure out what.  A caterpillar maybe.  I need to do some serious research to find out what's going on. 
How's your garden coming along?


  1. My second attempt at gardening is coming along ok so far. Lots of milk jugs from my neighbor. We're going to "co-garden" by hanging the jugs from both sides of our adjoining fence. A few seeds are finally sprouting, so we're hoping to keep it up and have a lot of luck with it. We're figuring with two adults and four kids keeping an eye on all of our containers, we should be able to grow something, right? lol

  2. Yay!!! It will work! I'll stay on you to make sure you are taking care of them :)

  3. So far my Zinnias and Chamomile are sprouting up. Still waiting on the other stuff to make an appearance. Just buckets of dirt so far. :)