Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This use to be what Sadie did for hours, for months on end.  She would set at the front window, waiting for something to go by that she could bark at.  Dogs across the streets, squirrels in trees, cats on the sidewalk, motorcycles whizzing by; it didn't matter, Sadie would bark at it. 

 So I finally got wise and got some paper to cover the bottom of my window, it still let's some light through, but Sadie can't see out.  Although there is one window that has a tiny crack down the left side and Sadie will strain her poor eyes trying to look through it.  

Now, Sadie spends her time barking at sounds and the random ghosts that pass through my apartment.  Or she'll spend her time here: 

Standing on the back of my chair looking out of the top of the window.  And who said she wasn't a smart dog.  I moved that chair, now she stands on the back of my couch looking out that window.  I am not moving my couch, I will allow her some freedom; beside that window just looks at the roof of the house next to me.

When I have those days when I feel like giving up on something, I think about how persistent Sadie is at  looking out  the window, she will always try to find a way to see outside.  Or how she never gives up trying to get me to play with her, kinda like children asking for a candy bar at the check out line at grocery.


  1. She is to cute! It doesn't sound like she will ever give up on looking out the window.

  2. Thanks! No, I don't think she ever will give up. Gotta love her persistence!