Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From frumpy to sexy

I got this dress second hand several months  ago and thought it would look adorable on.  However, once I got it home I looked anything but adorable in it.  So it's been sitting my my "one day to be refashioned pile" until the other day I decided to make a cute sundress from the material.  I have a pin up girl photo shoot coming up in a couple of weeks and I thought the fabric from this dress would be great for one of my outfits.

I decided to follow the pattern from McCalls 4444, I love this sundress!

It however, turned out to be the sundress from hell.  The bust was a whole lot smaller than the measurements on the envelope and I had to add a side piece to get it to zip closed and it just went to hell.  I moved the zipper from the back to the side and now have this whole wierd diagonal thing going on with the zipper.  I will admit I did a horrible job of putting in the extra piece for the bodice, I would have cut a whole new bodice had I more fabric.  I might just cut a new piece out of some solid fabric. The back has two back strips that connect from the bodice to the next strap, however mine were way off center.  So I just took them off.  The patter says "Easy", but the instructions for putting together and sewing the contrasting straps are not well written and very hard to follow.  So I was left trying to figure it out on my own.  I apparently did not do a good job, haha!
Anyway, here is the end result.  I think the dress is cute, but do not look at that bodice up close or under my right arm because it looks horrible.


  1. I think it came out very cute, and hopefully it isnt too noticeable when you wear it out and about. :)

  2. Aw, thanks! I just can't lift my arm up when I go out! haha!