Thursday, April 21, 2011

Someone sent me a link to a recent survey internet dating site, OKCupid published the other day.  They surveyed thousands of their members and found some pretty interesting correlations. 

For example, women who did not exercise had more difficulty achieving orgasm than women who do.This makes complete sense  because when you exercise if you have an increased blood flow, even when you are not moving.  Increased blood flow helps with clitoral sensitivity, increasing the woman's likeliness of climaxing.  I have also read, in academic journals that women who exercise have a higher self esteem than women who don't and are more open sexually.  They will masturbate more frequently, tell their partner what feels good, and provide self stimulation during intercourse. 

OK Cupid also determined that as women age, their preference for rough sex declines while as men age, their preference increases.  This is interesting and I'd like to know if this is true for men and women in general. 

Just for fun, they decided that vegetarians and carnivores both like to  give oral favors, although their graph shows vegetarian men prefer it over their meat eating peers.  So ladies, find out on the first date if he eats meat or not!

There are several charts on body types vs sex drive,  but I would take that information with a grain of salt.  Most women don't accurately describe their body type, most women will mark themselves as curvy, because that sounds sexy.

If you want to see the rest of the survey go here.

What do you think about their survey?

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