Friday, April 22, 2011

Thrifting Friday

Today I had a leadership luncheon with one of the girls on my team, so we went to this yummy restaurant in Lexington (which is close to where she lives).  She was top in sales on my team from January  - March, so she got lunch on me! It was great chatting about her business and what steps she can take to make more money!

On the way back from Lexington, I stopped at a Goodwill and found this lovely little sewing table for only $2.50! Yep! You read that correctly, two dollars and fifty cents.  I'm sure someone marked it wrong, but I am not complaining.  (I've tried taking a better picture, but I have been lazy and haven't bought a new camera, so I am still working with one that has a busted screen.  So I never know if I am getting all of my subject in the frame until I view it on the computer.) 
My next stop was to Bluegrass Organics, my new favorite gardening store. They have been open a couple of months and have an amazing collection of all your gardening needs.  I kinda have a crush on the guy that works there, so I need to reasons to go in.  (but shhh, don't tell anyone) 

I needed a new grow light because my all of my plants have plateaued at about two inches. Not good.  So I rearranged everything and put up two more lights to give my lettuce and herbs a fighting chance.  Remember the other week, I posted these pictures. Yeah, well that's about what everything looks like still.  The new lettuce seeds I planted have sprouted to a couple of inches,  but that's it.  I still have stringy looking tomato and kohlrabi seedlings.  One squash plant FINALLY sprouted, which I am stoked about.  The only thing that seems to be growing are my peas.  I planted some more seeds today and stuck them in the oven to germinate, so hopefully I will get some good looking plants soon. 


  1. I'm pretty jealous, that's a pretty good find! I went to a Goodwill the other day with my kids, looking for assorted sizes of flower pots for our container gardens and also the flowers the kids wanted to plant, and we came up with NOTHING. Seriously, not even something that we could really use as a pot. So sad.

  2. Try the DAV on Berry Blvd, they usually have good containers. But now you have lots of milk jugs you can use to plant! :)