Monday, May 2, 2011

Frustrated with your two minute man?

This past weekend at several of my customers asked questions about how their male partner can last longer in bed.  This is a common problem I hear about several times a week at my parties.  I thought I would post a great article from Patty Brisben, CEO & founder of Pure Romance with some tips on how to help your man last longer in  bed.  Enjoy!

It’s time for you to stop watching the clock and get back to what is real! But I do understand that for some, lasting longer in the bedroom is a concern. Time and time again I’ve heard from men who have said they wished they could last longer in the bedroom. To these questions, I’ve always given the same response: it’s not about duration, it’s about quality! In fact, I can think of nothing worse than if both parties are watching the clock like they’re out to set some kind of Olympic world record instead of focusing on what’s really important—sharing an intimate experience together.

If you want to prolong how long you last in the bedroom, take your time and focus on making the experience enjoyable for one another. For example, if you take a break mid-intercourse for some sensual foreplay, you’ll prolong your orgasm while intensifying pleasurable sensations for you both. Touching and oral favors are great ways to boost your level of anticipation and take your intimacy to a whole new level.

If you’re already trying foreplay breaks and are looking for a little more help to last longer, there are also prolonging creams available that can help delay ejaculation. Many of these include a benzocaine base (a local anesthetic) that can slow down the level of arousal for a man, but still allow him to feel pleasurable sensations.

For a third option, you may want to try using a C-ring (constriction ring), which not only prolongs intercourse, but can also contains special features or "bullets" that are designed to please the female partner as well. Keep in mind that for maximum comfort while using a C-ring, you should always use an emollient lubricant, which is longer lasting than most water-based lubricants.

Even though wanting to last longer in the bedroom for the sake of time itself is a silly idea, wanting to improve the experience for yourself and your spouse is something we should all be trying to do. If you find that even with these pointers you still can’t keep your eyes off the clock, you might just want to cover it up to avoid any temptation.

Remember, being intimate with one another should never be a chore. These are the few moments out of your day when you can banish the stresses of the outside world and focus on each other, so make them count and don’t count them out!

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