Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garden Update

Today was the big Brunch with Besty Johnson! I ended up not wearing the lace skirt I made but this adorable pink dress I found the other day.  I am waiting to get some pictures from my friend so I should have some in the next day or  two.  There were tons of fabulous hats and outfits at the brunch, and Betsy looked great.  They gave a way a Derby hat designed by Betsy, I didn't win, but the woman who did was very excited.  Betsy will stay in town until Derby is over and is judging the best dressed runway walk at the Oaks tomorrow. 

After the brunch, the afternoon was the first gorgeous, sunny day in what feels like a month so Sadie and I headed out to the dog park to get some exercise.  However, the dog park we visit is near the river and is still flooded so instead we headed to the park to walk some of the trails.  Sadie loves going out into the parks, she  gets so excited and I can't walk fast enough to keep up with her.  Every once in a while she'll turn her head to look at me in a look I interrupt as "Come on mom, you're going too slow!"

After the dog park it was a trip to my favorite gardening store, Bluegrass Organics to buy new containers for my tomatoes.  I noticed last night when watering my seedlings that the roots of my tomatoes were starting to push through the starter containers.  Probably about time I transferred them to larger containers.  Upon  transferring everything I realized I have 12 tomato plants growing.  Holy Moly! I'm gonna have lots of tomatoes to eat and can this year!
After their stunted growth they are now growing like wildflowers! Aren't they pretty?
My squash seeds I started haven't germinated yet. Not sure why they are  taking a year and a day to grow.  I didn't get a chance to take some pictures outside, but all my outside veggies are doing great! My beets and kohlrabi are looking good.  I just need to figure out when I will be able to harvest them....

I also started sewing an apron today for my pin up girl photo shoot. I am doing the red version using a vintage floral sheet and a turquoise accent from another sheet.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you later.  Off to sew some more. 

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  1. Glad you had fun at the Betsy Johnson brunch. And I love that apron pattern. I have it somewhere in my pattern stash, I just havent used it yet. :)