Thursday, May 19, 2011

A little bit of this and that

Today was the big day for my pin up  girl photo shoot.  I was nervous at first because I have NEVER done a photo shoot like this, in fact I run from the camera most of the time. So coming up with poses and faces in front of the camera spontaneously is so not me.  Luckily, the photographer has a great assistant that gives lots of direction and feedback.  A lot of the poses are not very comfortable, but make you look great in the photos, I think I got a few charlie horses.  I should have some photos up in a couple of days for you to see.

I also was finally assigned a plot in a community garden.  It's huge, 16x14 feet so I plan on  growing lots of food to eat and to preserve: I will be a canning & freezing queen this summer! It's covered with weeds and a couple of flowers I don't recognize, so I will need to make sure I'm not pulling up something that will benefit my soil.  I can't wait to start digging and planting!

Meanwhile, here is some stuff I have been working on.

Using vintage sheets I made McCalls 5643, retro apron.  I made version B and decided to make mine more contrast.
I was very easy to put together and took only a couple of hours to sew.  I love the  tulip pocket, it's deep enough to hold something and still cute.  I wore this for my photo shoot today and really want to use it, but it's almost too cute to get all dirty from cooking.

I have had the fabric for this dress for a really long time.  It's in the bin marked, "Fabric Stash, really need to use before buying more fabric. Like now." I used the bodice from Butterick B5319, I love the bodice on this dress and have used it before. Remember this dress?  I decided not to make a belt and just put a pleat in the front of the skirt. 

And lastly, I started on a new baby quilt today.  Well, I laid out how I want to sew the squares together.  I"ll start sewing some together tomorrow.  I used some cotton fabric I had laying around, mens suit jacket, a table cloth and a sheet to make the squares. I find that lately I have been using stripes together a lot more lately, I really like the way contrasting stripes look. 

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  1. I can't wait to see your pin up pics! And yea, when I did them, the posing is totally uncomfortable. Who knew!?