Thursday, July 7, 2011

How does your garden grow?

In the past week I've picked almost 20 pounds of blueberries! My freezer is packed with berry goodness.  When  cleaning out my freezer to make room for all the stuff I am going to freeze soon I found four bags of cranberries, three of which that were opened! So much for looking in my kitchen to see what I have before I go grocery shopping.

I finally got around to getting some pictures from the garden.  It's been a week since I visited my plot at the community garden and the grass has taken over.  I seriously need to go down there to do some weeding, but it's so hot! Yes, I am lazy.  You can see my gypsy peppers in there somewhere! My strawberry plants are hidden. 
Everything else is looking great.  Over half my tomato plants are fruiting, hopefully I'll have some tasty tomato goodness soon.  I have two eggplant growing, I am surprised at how small the eggplant plant is, I would have thought it would be much bigger.  I guess because eggplants aren't small.  I picked my first zucchini and squash yesterday and they look tasty! Look can be deceiving because my squash was no so tasty. Very bitter and hard.  I asked a farmer at the farmers market yesterday what might have happened and he said it was either bad seed or it cross bred with a gourd plant.  I don't have any gourds growing nearby, maybe a neighbor at the community plot does.  So we'll see what happens when more start to grow. 

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