Sunday, December 18, 2011

Messenger bag play mats

A couple of weeks ago as I started to think about what to make for my nephew this Christmas, I came across this play mat over at Serving Pink Lemonade.  Super cute dino play mat and I decided to make one; I though the mats would be perfect for him to play with when they go out to eat.  But as I starting thinking about it, I was wondering how in the world my nephew could carry it around with his dinosaurs.  Then it hit me to make a messenger bag that folds out into a play mat!  When I did some searching to find a easy messenger bag to make, I stumbled across someone else who had this great idea, Gingercake made one from corduroy.

I also decided to make a play car mat that folds up into the bag, so he'll have some options.  I had so much fun making these mats, I just finished a kitchen play mat for a friend's daughter (I'll post those photos tomorrow).

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