Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sheath dress obsession

I have this mild obsession with sheath dresses.  Not only are they flattering, but they are incredibly sexy.  They form a fabulous partnership with my late 1950's/early 1960's obsession.  It's one of those styles that you can repeat, but by changing the fabric, collar, or sleeve, you have a totally new look.  My sheath dress collection is growing and two more are in the works for this winter!

This dress was sewn using New Look's 6910, view C.  I made a couple of changes; added the fold over collar, and omitted the belt.  I love this pattern because it whips together in no time.  The only downside is I had to make changes to have it fit better. The back was way too wide and there was extra fabric in the shoulders.  I also make the neckline lower; high necklines make me feel like I don't have boobs.   Although I do want this Joanie dress.
I used a brown linen for the dress, and a giraffe print poly for the lining.  I believe linings should be fun and can add a lot of character to a piece; the inside should look just as great as the outside! The applique on the bottom came off a Lance Karesh dress that had been in my closet for at least a decade.  Lance is a New York designer that I worked with briefly.  The company I used to do production for backed him for a couple of seasons and I helped with his production.

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