Friday, January 27, 2012

Making spaghetti straps or button loops

There are a lot of things I enjoy about sewing, but button holes & button loops are not one of them.  I tend to stay away from sewing something that requires buttons.  Zippers, I can handle no problemo! I decided to tackle this fear and picked up a shirt patter which requires button loops - YIKES!

After trying to follow the patters directions which including somehow inserting a needles and thread to turn the loop out, I hit the web to see if anyone had a better solution.  I think that whoever thought of the needle and thread idea, never actually tried it.  I came across this tutorial over at Handmade Things and she is just genius!

Start by cutting your fabric, the length & width you need it.  Make sure you cut it wide enough so there is enough room to sew.  Fold in in half right side of fabric together and press.  This is actually my loops I am making for my shirt.

On one end, about 1/4" down make a small cut. 

And this is where the genius comes in...insert a bobby pin!!!  Insert the bottom straight edge through the loop and the top wavy edge into that little cut you just make.  One the pin is in, just weave it through - it will slide through like butter.  

And it will come out the other side - and you have a perfect strap or loop!  

Give it another press and cut to your desired length! I told you she was genius!  

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