Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sheath dress number....umm.....

Today I churned out a new sheath dress from Simplicity 2648.  I love this pattern because it is so easy to put together and it's super easy to customize.

Several weeks ago, or maybe months..anyway, I was in Banana Republic and saw this dress and just loved the waist detailing.  So I decided the next sheath dress I make, I would include similar detailing, I wasn't assuming I could replicate the Banana.  I couldn't get a closer image of the waist detailing, I am having a struggle bus kinda day when it comes to editing pictures.

I used a khaki light weight wool blend suiting fabric and black ribbon.  I like a lower neckline on my dresses, so I dropped the neckline a couple of inches.  Adding the ribbon was a pain in the butt, it took what seemed like forever folding and pinning the ribbon, then ironing it, then sewing it.  The detailing on the Banana dress is slightly different than mine, but after almost an hour working on the belt, I was done.  I am not sure if I like the puff sleeves, they might have to grow on me, but overall I like the dress!