Thursday, February 16, 2012

Couscous Goodness

I have been in love with Israeli Couscous lately.  Costco of all places sells this jumbo bag for less than $10, so I couldn't pass up picking up a bag (or two).   I like the chewy texture of the pearls more than the smaller varieties.  Plus is so fun mixing with lots of new ingredients.  

My latest recipe involves tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, onions, garlic, olives, romano cheese, spinach, olive oil, basil, salt & pepper. That's it and it's pure delishness! 

Start by cooking 1 cup dry couscous in 2 cups water or veggie broth.  As that's cooking, saute the diced peppers and onions in some olive oil. 

Add the garlic and spices and let the veggies cook  down.  

Dice the garlic, tomatoes, and olives. Don't they just look lovely!  

Add the garlic, olives, tomatoes and couscous to the onions and peppers.  

Add the spinach and cheese, turn off the heat.  Mix, plate, and enjoy! I like to add the spinach at the end because I don't like it to cook down too much.  

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