Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Kitchen Labels

I like to store most of my dry goods in a variety of glass jars.  Boxes and plastic bags hanging out in my kitchen looks sloppy and drives me nuts.  The issue I have had with the jars is there weren't any labels on them.  So I would cut out part of the bag or box and shove it into the jar so I would remember what in the world was in there. 
 Then there would be the jars that I didn't put anything in it, so who knows what's in there.  Something white, something resembling flour.  Smells like...bad flour.  So it gets chucked. 
 I have some chalkboard paint laying around and tossed around the idea of painting a circle so I could write on it. But I have these great vintage jars in my stash and didn't want paint on them.  Plus, I was worried I would change my mind on how I wanted to label the jars and if I didn't like the chalkboard thing anymore....I'd be stuck.  No bueno. 
I found these  great labels at Staples. They are actually part of the new Martha Stewart collection; I normally don't support Martha Stewart, for reason I just won't go into. But these labels were too cute and they are removable (so if I change my mind, I'm out the $4 I spent on them).  I would recommend putting the label, then writing on it with  chalk.  I found that using a towel to press the label flat worked best, but if chalk is already on it then you wipe it off.  I do need to get some smaller labels for the shorter jars I have, the larger labels just aren't working.  

I just love the way they look!  

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