Thursday, February 2, 2012

Handmade salt scrub

I absolutely love a great salt scrub and have spent $50 on scrubs before.  I tell no lie.  A couple of years ago when I left the high paying fashion industry and became a student again, I could not afford $50 on salt scrub. However, I was not doing without my scrubs so I did what every smart budget shopper does - starting making my own.

It's so easy. I swear, three ingredients tops and you can make a good quality salt scrub for a lot less than $50.

You really only need to ingredients to make a scrub: salt and oil. You can add fragrance if you want or just leave it with the salt and oil.   You will need to have a container with a good seal on it, any jar will work.

The type of salt and oil you use it completely up to you.  I like to use a good fine grain sea salt, do not use table salt with iodine.  Sea salt contains more minerals than table salt or even some kosher salt.  Sea salt is refined less than some other types of salt which means it contains natural traces of minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese and zinc.  The brand does not matter, which ever type of sea salt you normally purchase; you can purchase really expense sea salt so get what is in your budget.  If you have sensitive skin you can also replace sugar for the salt, but be careful not to eat it in the shower!  

The type of oil you use will depend on what you like. I normally use a good grade of organic olive oil, but you can use almond or safflower oil.  Some recipes will tell you you can use coconut oil, which is great for the skin, but it hardens below 76 degrees, so you would have to keep it really warm.
You can get really technical and measure, but I just pour a little of each into my container until it's the consistency I want.  This way you can get a drier scrub if that's what you prefer.  Once the two are mixed you can add some fun fragrances; lemon, ginger & cinnamon, lavender. The possibilities are endless! Your oil and salt will separate, just mix it together before you use it.

My most recent batch of salt scrub I used Aura in Seductive Sage.  Aura is one of the massage oils that I sell with Pure Romance.  It has lots of great oils in it including almond and safflower oil, plus it's in a yummy scent that I just can't get enough of.

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