Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Look Shirt

When getting ready for a party last week I realized that I had absolutely no shirts that fit.  I have gone down a size and I now look like I am swimming in all of my clothes.  The simple solution would be to take everything in, and there is a pile of stuff to tailor. I am not a simple kinda gal though. So I decided to make some new shirts and I found just the pattern!

New Look 0137 is a cute button down that can be altered several different ways and this polka dot fabric would be just perfect in it! I think the shirt has a vintage 1940s feel.  Super easy to sew and I will be making some more of these bad boys in the coming weeks.

This was the first time I made loop button holes and thanks to the tutorial I found the other day they were super easy to make.


  1. soo pretty! I need to get this pattern the next time it's on sale. wonderful job on the loops too. i've had trouble trying to make those before.

  2. Thank you Sara! Check out the loop tutorial I found, makes the loops so easy to make!

  3. I can't seem to find this pattern anywhere, I've fallen in love with it after seeing your version. Could you please help me out? I'd be forever grateful.

  4. Josephine, I either bought this pattern from Hancock or JoAnns, I don't remember which. Have you checked either one?