Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yes, I have been absent again....

I have super good reasons though - this time!  

I am in grad school! And it happened kinda super quick.  I applied and they liked me, but not enough to give me money. So I said no thanks.  Then they came back and said here's some money and I was like sweet!!!  They said, oh yeah by the way school starts next week!

So  I had a week to pack, move, and find a place to crash!!  So where am I?  I'm living in the DMV, Alexandria to be exact.  I'm in the M.Ed. Secondary Education program with a concentration in social studies and the George Washington University.  This summer has been a mad house.  It's a 14 month program so they work us like crazy!  I've been doing lots of fun stuff like working with kids water testing streams and planting in wetlands.  Check out some pics below.

I've started sewing again, and am even offering lessons now.   I can't say things will be back to normal, because right now this is normal for me.   I don't have internet in my apartment because it's one more expense I don't need - who knew grad school would leave you broke! But I will try to update my posts on a regular.  I need too, sewing keeps me sane!

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