Sunday, January 23, 2011

Period Panties

I squealed this morning when a friend posted on her Facebook profile a link for Period Panties.  Hairbrained is a Chicago based company that illustates and prints mainly t-shirts, but recently they started selling Period Panties.
"Period Panties were born in one of Harebrained!’s patented “Drink & Think” meetings. Nikki must have been feeling “inspired” because she mentioned how girls only wear ratty old panties when they’re on their period. She said she wanted to make undies that would finally tell her boyfriend that “Now, REALLY isn’t a good time”. Naturally, we thought it was a hilarious idea & Nikki got started on the first round of Period Panties."
After reading this I said, you know that is so true.  All women wear the rattiest pair of undies for those few days, or week, that we are menstrating.  Then one day you realize you can't wear the undies with the holes because what if you get into a wreck and the EMT is hot, and not only are you on your period, but are wearing horrible undies and how are you going ot get his number after all that.  Ok, well maybe you aren't thiking all of that, I just might be the only one, but never-the-less, one day you realize you need to buy nicer plain jane cotton undies so you don't mess up your pretty lacies. 

If you are like me you hate wearing those boring undies and feel silly buying the cute undies in the junior department.  Now you don't have too, just get some Period Panties!  I've already ordered one of each style and will get more as soon as they come up with more designs.  So, yes the images are a little disturbing, but totally funny.  Yes, I know I'm a little nutso, but you know you want some so go get your order on here.

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