Friday, January 21, 2011


I adpoted a dog last April and it has been a life changing yet amusing expirence.  Sadie is my daughter, and I refer to her as my child, despite my parents not admitting she is their grandchild.  Sadie was a rescue and the first couple of months it was a little frustrating as she & I got used to each other and she got used to having a home.  When I adpoted her, she was underweight, dull coat, had two types of parasites plus tapeworm, her hair was dull and dry, and she had kennel cough.  I don't think I slept much the first week because she would cough all night and it freaked me out.  But slowly she gained weight and we got rid of the worms and illness and her coat is now glossy and soft.  From the first day I brought her home Sadie decided where her favorite place would be: my  bed.

To say that Sadie is energetic is putting it mildly: she is a Bensenji/Rat Terrier mix and plays hard.  I started  clicker training with her last summer and it has helped tremendously with her controlling her energy, but I'm not sure she'll ever calm down. And I can't imagine I would want it any other way, I adore her and my friend told me last night it made her giggle when I always send her pictures of things Sadie does. 

Sadies energy combined with her curiosity means that there is always entertainment in my house and she always makes me laugh.  I am a bit biased, I think she is the cutest dog ever, so it's hard to stay mad at her after she's gone on a barking spree or eaten a $5 bill.  I will admit Sadie is a bit spoiled, she has about 50 toys I try to keep in a bin. Sadie prefers for them to be all over the floor or on my bed and if I go around and pick them up she throws a temper  tantrum.  Yesterday I found some of her toys in my bedroom, properly arranged. 
I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of Sadie to date, I'm sure there will be many more to come. 

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