Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday Song

I apologize for not writing all week, but it's been a super busy week.  I am actually out in Denver this weekend for a quick visit to some friends and to get my half-sleeve worked on.  Yes, I am in Denver to get a tattoo! The artist that started my arm last year moved out here and I only wanted him to work on it; one because he started it and two because he's an awesome artist and does really great work.  If you are in Denver, Ben @ Sol Tribe is the man to see. 

My trips out here are always full of the most random events.  Yesterday my friends & I went to tour a micro-brewery, and today we went to a chicken swap, farmers market and it was tattoo day.  Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us.  As I have been reading a lot of urban homestead blogs lately, I discovered Denver Urban Homesteading (formerly Denver Urban Homestead).  They have an amazing farmers market with raw milk, meats, eggs, empanadas, and las arepas; I would imagine during the growing season they have an amazing selection of veggies as well.

Today's Saturday Song is the new single off Jennifer Lopez's new album, "Get on the Floor".  It's a great upbeat dance song, be sure to check out her abs in this video.  The woman looks like she did not push out twins.

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