Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrift Shop Tuesday!

So I went thrifting today hoping to find a pair of jeans and black pumps.  I only had time to go to one store and did not come out with jeans or black pumps, but lots of other fun stuff! I swear when I go to thrift shops I need to bring a limited amount of cash and leave the cards in the car. 
For about $19 bucks I ended up with a pair of Ann Taylor cotton pants, vintage thermas (with the box!), 6 Crate & Barrel napkins, 3 vintage napkins, 1 cute little make up bag.  I paid too much for the Crate & Barrel napkins but they were just too adorable! They are the polka dots.  Here they are up close: 
I am too excited about this thermas! I plan on bringing it to some concerts on the waterfront they have here along with some great picnic items. 

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