Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monster Hat

My nephew is 4 1/2 years old and for his birthday and Christmas receives a plethora of electronic toys.  I'm not completly against the blinking lights and sounds, but I think that children need toys where they can use their imagination more.  What happened to kids making their own sounds and moving the toys on their own? So I refuse to purchase anything that requires batteries for him.  Instead he receives dino play matalphabet blocks, dragon tails, and now a monster hat!

I used the template over at Running With Scissors.  She has great instructions so  I am not going to bore you with repeating it.    I used green fur, which was a pain in the booty to sew and little pieces of fur got everywhere.  The inside and trims are fleece.  Despite the mess that I am still cleaning in my sewing room, my nephew love it.  This is the best picture I could take of it.  There are navy pom pom ties hanging from the sides, you can't see in this photo.

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