Saturday, February 1, 2014

Veggie Cous-Cous

I may have posted this recipe before only because I love this dish.  I am all about the quick and the easy and this dish is both.  The crunchy veggies mixed with the soft cous-cous is a perfect combo. 

I used Israeli cous-cous for this recipe.  I cannot get enough Israeli cous-cous.  I enjoy it more than the small pearled cous-cous.  Up until I moved I was a member at Costco and could buy huge 5 pound bags for around $9.  I still have about half a bag left. 

You could use any mixture of veggies, I used what I had left in the fridge.  I am guessing on the cost for the cous-cous because I have no idea how many cups are in the bag.  I don't keep the bags and have it stored in a metal container.  Also the carrots are a guess, I bought a 3lb bag and I didn't count how many carrots are in the bag.   I will need to pay attention more on the next trip! 

I also can't keep track of how much spices costs, especially everyday spices like salt & pepper.  You can pick up everyday spices for super cheap at the Dollar Store or even Big Lots. 

Veggie Cous-cous

1 1/2 cup dried cous-cous $0.56
3 c. Water $0
4 carrots $0.75
1 sm onion $0.37
1 red or yellow bell pepper $1.50
1/2 bag spinach (couple of handfuls) $1
Salt & pepper to taste
Italian seasoning to taste

Total cost: $4.18

I can get about 4 meals out of this, cost per meal: $1.05

Noms noms!

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